Forskellige stilarter Truffle's Secret Hideaway (Kitten Club) (Paperback) by Mongredien Sue eXzQO4nW

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Welcome to Kitten Club

Amy Molly Lily Ruby Ella and Mia meet whilst choosing their adorable new kittens. Eager to stay in touch the girls form Kitten Club so that they can get together each week and swap stories about their cute kittens

Molly adores her kitten Truffle but she's worried that the little kitten is not happy living with her family. Molly's brothers often upset Truffle with their noisy rough-and-tumble games and the family dog Harvey always steals her food

Molly notices that her kitten has started disappearing for hours at a time then one day Truffle doesn't come home at all...The Kitten Club girls promise to help Molly find her but has Truffle run away for good?